The Woodside Plantation common areas comprise an extremely large area to maintain, covering approximately 40 acres of lawn areas that require cutting, fertilizing, watering, pest treatment, and weed control. There are over 11,000 shrubs requiring fertilization, fungicide and pest control applications, as well as trimming and pruning. Annually, we apply about 5,000 bales of pine straw, 67.5 cubic yards of pine bark mulch and 57 cubic yards of double ground mulch. The infrastructure that has to be maintained includes an irrigation system comprising access to city water, 30 wells, 45 automatic timers and 25 battery valves and miles of irrigation system lines and all associated sprinkler heads.

  1. Annual Common Area Landscape Plan
  2. Community Wildfire Plan
  3. Plants Rated by Deer Resistance
  4. Firewise Information Bulletins
  5. Firewise Facts (Feb 2018)