The WTG began in August 2008 when two residents met with the WPPOA to discuss what could be done to improve and better define several nature trails within Woodside. Subsequent to that meeting we began working with both the WPPOA and the Woodside Development Company to define the existing trails, make significant improvements, and to mark the trails with signs and blazes so that our residents could easily follow the routes. We also developed a brochure and maps describing the trails. These brochures have been replaced by the maps and trail descriptions contained on this site.

The WTG has now evolved into a 75-member loosely organized group who keep in touch by email. We organize work parties to help improve & maintain the trails and also organize occasional hikes on our trails and on other trails in the Aiken vicinity. We maintain or are associated with five trails within or just outside the Woodside community. These are Creek Walk, Oakman Trail, Millroad Trail, Hollow Creek Trail and Village Trail. Downloadable descriptions and maps of these trails can be downloaded.  For a basic overview, click here.  For detailed descriptions, click here.

If you are interested in joining the WTG please call Jim Pierce at 803-634-0513, leave your email address and you will be added to our email list. Happy trails to you!



Fall 2018 Woodside Trail Group Hiking Program

Langley Pond Loop Trail
When:  Sunday October 21st, 2018 at 10:00 am (Langley Pond) or 9:30 am (behind the fitness center to car pool)
Hike Leader: Jim Pierce 803-634-0513
Description: This is a 2.75-mile loop trail developed a couple of years ago by Aiken County. The approach to the trail is rather ugly because of all the construction activity on the new Langley dam but the trail itself is a very nice walk, through a wooded area.
Meeting Place: At the trail head just off Langley Dam Road. Turn left just before the construction begins and proceed along the short drive to the trail parking area. Be there by 9:45 am for a 10:00 am start. For those wishing to car pool, the hike leader will meet you at the Village at Woodside parking area behind the Village Fitness Centre at 9:30 am.
Distance: 2.75 miles
Terrain: The trail should be dry. There a few minor ups & downs but generally walking should be easy
Bring:  Good sneakers or hiking boots, water, snack.
Rain Cancels

There is a low-lying area of the Creek Walk that needs to be improved by building about 100 feet of bog bridging. This will be done in three stages and we need volunteers to help with the work. The first work party is scheduled for Wednesday October 31st at 9.00 am. During this work party we will transport wood owned by the Woodside Development Company from its present location on the Hollow Creek trail [east] to the end of Cottonwood Lane. We thank the Development Company for donating this wood. The POA has graciously donated the use of their truck to transport the wood but we need about 8 individuals to load and then unload the truck. It may take two trips. About 0.5 miles of walking will be required. If we get enough volunteers we may even get a start at cutting the wood up into suitable lengths that we will then carry to bog bridge location. Actual bridge assembly will require future work parties. PLEASE VOLUNTEER FOR THIS WORK PARTY – we all use the trails and we should be prepared to help maintain them! Please contact me if you can attend. Details follow:

When: Wednesday October 31st at 9.00 am
Where: At the dam on Anderson Pond Road
Expected Duration: 3 hours [9.00 am to 12.00 pm]
Contact Information: Jim Pierce 803-634-0513  email
Bring: Good footwear – no sandals. Work gloves, and water


Hitchcock Woods – The Path Less Traveled
When: Saturday November 10, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Hike leaders: David Slaunwhite; phone 858-926-8793; email and Sandra Dale; phone 803-439-0002; email
Description: Come join us walking on lessor known trails, in Hitchcock Woods; exploring 4 different plant/tree environments.  Although there may not be many flowers in bloom we will discuss the flowers you should look for in each environ come Spring.  We will discuss the use of colors, smells, flowers, needle counts, time of year and of course in this electronic age the use of smart phones, apps and computers to assist in the identification of plants and trees.  Walking the Woods serves many purposes. First, of course, is the excellent exercise it provides as you walk the hills and trails.  Secondly, it offers you a chance to commune with nature and to “clear” your mind in the peace and solitude of the Woods. Finally, by using your mental capabilities to learn the trails and identify and then remember the plants/flowers/trees on your next visit, it will stimulate both your short and long-term memory. The best walks of course would include your dog but they are not allowed in the Woods on Saturday mornings from October thru March.
Meeting place: Meet at the Stables, 2180 Dibble Road, Hitchcock Woods
Distance: 2.5-3 miles
Terrain: Easy, sand under foot.
Bring: Good walking shoes, water, and perhaps a snack.
Rain Cancels