The Covenants establish an Architectural Review Board (ARB) for the stated purposes of preserving the natural beauty of Woodside Plantation and its setting, to maintain a pleasant and desirable environment, to establish and preserve a harmonious design for the community, and to protect and promote the value of property.

A summary of the ARB objectives, which are listed in the Covenants, is as follows:

  • Preventing excessive or unsightly grading, indiscriminate earth moving or removal of trees and vegetation which would scar natural land forms
  • Ensuring that the location and configuration of structures are visually harmonious with terrain and surrounding lots
  • Ensuring that landscape plans provide pleasing settings and blend harmoniously with the natural landscape
  • Promoting building design and construction techniques that respond to energy consumption and environmental quality considerations

To meet these objectives the Covenants require that all construction, all improvements of any type including (but not limited to) pools and fences, and all landscape plans must be submitted to and approved by the ARB. The implementation of the objectives is contained in the Building Guidelines.

There are two functioning ARB’s within Woodside.

  • One is under the control of the Development Company ARB (DC-ARB) and it is presently responsible for the newer areas within Woodside.
  • The second ARB, which is described further, is under the control of the Property Owners Association (PO-ARB) and is responsible for all other areas within Woodside. In accordance with the Covenants, the PO-ARB was established on January 1, 1999. Prior to that date the DC-ARB was the only ARB in operation. When newer platted sections reach the point that 65% of the buildable lots have certificate of occupancies, that section’s control will transition from the DC-ARB to the POA-ARB.

The PO-ARB has established Objectives and Administrative Procedures to guide their operation. These objectives and procedures are as follows:


  • Ensure compliance with the Covenants and Building Guidelines of Woodside Plantation
  • Provide a speedy and efficient process and organization for review and approval of new construction and improvements
  • Apply a balanced, common sense approach to resolution of problems and complaints, recognizing the needs and objectives of property owners and builders
  • Establish and maintain a database and historical record for future reference
  • Keep the Building Guidelines current through amendments, revisions, updates, and documented interpretations
  • Improve communications by meeting with builders on a regular basis for transfer of information
  • Operate on a break-even basis

Administrative Procedures

  • The POA-ARB meets at 2:00 PM on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. For further information, contact Adrienne Knowles at the POA office (641-9663).
  • The DC-ARB meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9:00 A.M.
  • Plans, both new construction and improvements, must be submitted to the POA office by the Wednesday prior to the 1st and 3rd Monday meeting (2nd and 4th Wednesday).
  • For Home Improvements, you may download the necessary form or pick one up at the POA office.
  • New construction submittals should have the lot staked out and trees to be saved marked before the site and house plans are presented to the ARB.
  • Builders for new construction are encouraged to be present at the ARB meeting to expedite the approval process. Builders are also responsible for notifying the POA office when the construction is ready for inspections as outlined in the Building Guidelines.
  • Landscape plans for new construction should be submitted to the ARB at least one (1) month before anticipated installation
  • There is a fee and deposit schedule for new construction and some improvements. These monies are due to the POA before the review of plans. You may contact the ARB for the fee schedule or download a copy.
  • You are to receive Building Guidelines for construction of a house prior to submitting plans to the Architectural Review Board (ARB). You can download a copy online under Building Guidelines or obtain a copy through the POA office for a nominal fee

Architectural Review Board 2020

John Pownall (Director)
Bob Hood
Jan Mitchell
Brian Koepf
Jim Ruthven
Adrienne Knowles (ARB Specialist)