The Board provides the leadership, direction and management for the Property Owners Association in meeting the requirements of the covenants, as well as other services that may be necessary to serve the property owners of Woodside Plantation. The Board strives to do this in a cost effective manner consistent with enhancing the value of the owners’ investments in Woodside. The Board provides the leadership in working with all parties such as the Development Company, the Country Club, City and State governments and contractors that are involved with activities in the Plantation.


Mary Shultz

Jimmy Angelos
Vice President/ Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Angela Hodges

Charles Call
Secretary/Common Area Landscaping

Committee Members

Jimmy Angelos
Architectural Review Board (ARB)  Ensure adherence to the Building Guidelines. Responsible for review and approval of new construction and improvements in all existing lots in phase I and II. Approves all tree removal and satellite dish placement requests.
Brian Arbuckle
Covenants, Education Enforcement Committee (C.E.E.C.)  Responsible for the content, interpretation and enforcement of the Covenants.
Jim Pirchner
Lakes and Dams  Monitors five of the lakes and dams in Woodside. Monitors silt drainage and storm water runoff in all lakes. Establishes recreational usage procedure.
Pete Messina
Roads, Streetlights, Signs & Walking Paths  Responsible for repaving program of all roads in Woodside, maintenance of streetlights, signs & walking paths. Works with the City of Aiken on road maintenance and roadway safety issues.
Terry Stimmel
Security Responsible for security contractor at all entrances. Monitors the vehicle decal program for residents, guests, vendors and builders.
Charles Call
Common Area Landscaping  Responsible for the overall landscape of the common property, entrances and roadsides within Woodside, including all irrigation systems. Also responsible for the garden plot area.
Greg Burkes
Technology, Communication, Facilities & Amenities  Responsible for POA technology and communications. Responsible for the RV storage area and POA owned facilities.

The WPPOA Board of Director’s monthly meetings are scheduled for the third Monday of each month at the Woodside Plantation Property Owner’s Office at 3:00 p.m.

October 15 February 18 June 17
November 19 March 18 July 15
December 17 April 15 August 19
January 21 May 20 September 16

Please check with the WPPOA office to confirm the dates–they are subject to change. All members are cordially invited to attend.

**Phone Numbers and addresses of Officers and Directors are in the Official Woodside Residents Directory.