A written complaint, signed by the person making the complaint, is received in the POA office. This may be via mail, in person, e-mail or fax.

  • Your complaint is cataloged into the system and assigned a number and cover sheet.
  • The complaint is directed to the WPPOA Board Member with the direct responsibility relating to the given complaint.
  • The Board Member involved will direct his attention to the resolution of the complaint.
  • The appropriate Board Member will respond with a call, email or letter to the complaint within 10 business days.

Your name must be included on the complaint/suggestion; anonymous notes will not be addressed.  Please be assured that all complaints are held confidential.  Click below for a complaint form.  You may print the form and bring it to the office in person, email it to wppoa@wppoa.com, or mail it to 1411 Silver Bluff Road, Aiken, SC 29803.

Suggestion/Concern Form