1. Only property owners, or guests accompanied by property owners are allowed to fish on any of the lakes noted above.
  2. Access to lakes must be only through the following designated access points:
    • Burden Lake – off Holley Lake Road and Burden Lake Road at the dam area.
    • Holley Lake – off Holley Lake Road at the dam area.
    • Magnolia Lake – off Magnolia Lake Road at cul-de-sac between 273 and 277 Magnolia Lake Road.
    • Oakman Lake – off Plantation Drive – Asphalt pathway between White Birch Court and Trippi Lane. Note that there is no designated access off Forest Pines Road or River Birch Road.
    • Royal Lake –  off Basswood Drive next to Community Garden.
    • Spalding Lake – currently there is no designated access.
  3. Owners of property along the lake shorelines may access the lakes directly from their own properties, or may grant access to others to use their properties of lake accesses as long as a property owner accompanies the fishermen.