It is the hope that all Members of the POA would read the Covenants so as to be well informed with the regulations you agreed to live under when you moved to Woodside Plantation. Since this is asking for more than what a reasonable person could expect, we outline a few DO and DON’T items for your review. For a full explanation, refer to the original documents.


  • Keep your property neat
  • Support the board of directors
  • Keep your dog under control
  • Keep your dog from barking excessively
  • Seek permission from the POA to remove trees
  • Seek permission to install any satellite dish
  • Adhere to all building codes
  • Store your unused vehicles in Woodside’s RV area
  • Put your garbage and debris out Tuesday evening
  • Vote on every issue
  • Communicate any problems or suggestions to the POA
  • Realize that all Covenant violations affect us all
  • Respect all wildlife in Woodside
  • Respect the golfer’s rights
  • Be active within Woodside


  • Park overnight on any street
  • Allow unsightly conditions
  • Put lawn clippings or tree branches on vacant lots
  • Allow your dog to run free
  • Allow your dog to excrete on other’s property
  • Operate motorcycles on any Woodside streets