Since boats, trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, or utility trailers are not permitted to be stored on individual lots, according to the Covenants, a Woodside Plantation Resident’s Vehicle Storage Area is provided. Use of the Vehicle Storage Area is restricted to CURRENTLY REGISTERED vehicles belonging to RESIDENTS HOMEOWNERS of Woodside Plantation. Only non-commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles may be stored in the Storage Area.

Charges for space in the Woodside Plantation Vehicle Storage Yard are based on size. These charges are used for storage yard expenses, which include grading and additional crushed rock, if required, electrical costs for security lighting, weed control, taxes and administrative costs. Stored equipment is assigned by WPPOA office personnel to the smallest space that will reasonably accommodate them. There are six sizes with annual fees.

There is a one-time key charge for the non-reproducible key which is assigned at the WPPOA office. The key charge is $100.00, which is refunded when the space is vacated and the key is returned.


From time to time a resident may have a guest visit that has a recreational vehicle. To the best of our ability, a space in the RV area will be provided for the duration of their stay. When a resident brings a check in the amount of $100.00 (or current key deposit amount) to the WPPOA Office, a key will be assigned. When the key is returned to the WPPOA Office, the resident’s check will be returned to them in full.