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The WTG began in August 2008 when two residents met with the WPPOA to discuss what could be done to improve and better define several nature trails within Woodside. Subsequent to that meeting we began working with both the WPPOA and the Woodside Development Company to define the existing trails, make significant improvements, and to mark the trails with signs and blazes so that our residents could easily follow the routes. We also developed a brochure and maps describing the trails. These brochures have been replaced by the maps and trail descriptions contained on this site.

The WTG has now evolved into a 75-member loosely organized group who keep in touch by email. We organize work parties to help improve & maintain the trails and also organize occasional hikes on our trails and on other trails in the Aiken vicinity. We maintain or are associated with five trails within or just outside the Woodside community. These are Creek Walk, Oakman Trail, Millroad Trail, Hollow Creek Trail and Village Trail. Downloadable descriptions and maps of these trails can be downloaded.  For a basic overview, click here.  For detailed descriptions, visit

If you are interested in joining the WTG please call Jim Pierce at 803-634-0513, leave your email address and you will be added to our email list. Happy trails to you!


Condition of Woodside Trails

With the help of the Development Company and the WWPOA our trail captains keep our trails in tip top shape. Remember that you too can do your part. If you see deadfall on the trails pick it up and set it off the trail. If it is too large let the trail captains or Jim Pierce know so we can take corrective action. Carry a small litter bag with you and pick up any litter you see. Do not be a cause of litter; if you can take it in you can certainly carry the waste back out! Trail captain reports are shown below:

Hollow Creek Trail section 1 – Jim Pierce – The grass in a couple of spots is a bit long in spite of two cuttings during the summer. Thank you, Scott. It will probably need another cutting in October. Otherwise, section 1 is in good shape. A few new directional signs were installed to make the route easier to follow.

Hollow Creek Trail section 2 – Dick and Tracy Spaeth — Dick and Tracy performed trail maintenance in September. Overall, this section is in good shape. They trimmed a bunch of overhanging limbs and cleared the view of the blue trail markers on the trees. Other than the grass needing to be cut in a few places, everything is AOK.

Hollow Creek Trail section 3 – Mike Walsh – Mike reports that, like section 1, some spots need a fall mowing. Otherwise, this section is in good shape.

Oakman Trail – Ron Jones – It was a busy summer for Ron. Several trees fell across the trail and Ron cleared them. The big problem was a tree that fell across the zig-zag bridge. It did not actually hit the bridge but instead hung up in another tree. It was not really a people hazard but was in danger of falling further and damaging the bridge. Ron worked with the Development Company to have the tree professionally removed. Thanks Scott and Wesley. Ron also convinced the Reserve Golf club to cut the grass on the trail in a particularly bad spot behind the hole 7 rest room.

Trail Name Change

The name change of the Power Line Trail to the Azalea Trail is now complete. The old signs were taken down and replaced with new signs. If you that attended the inaugural hike on this trail on September 11th you may remember that the Development Company sent a video photographer to record the hike. That video is now available. You can see it via the following link:

 Grass Cut on Hollow Creek Trail

The long grass on the HCT has recently been cut. Trail is in excellent shape for all your fall hiking outings

Woodside Trail Group Hiking Program  2021

Hitchcock Woods Western Section

 When: November 13, 2021 at 8.45 am for a 9 am start

Hike Leader: David Slaunwhite email: Phone: 858-926-8793

Description: Most people do not hike the Western Section of Hitchcock Woods as it is very sandy which makes hiking more strenuous.  However, there are smaller firmer trails that we will explore. David is very familiar with Hitchcock Woods and always helps us explore little trail gems that others ignore. He is also expert on the flowers growing in the Woods so hopefully there will be some late blooming wildflowers to enjoy.

Meeting Place: The large parking lot at the Stables at 2180 Dibble Road SW. Take Hwy 118 to Cold Creek Nurseries and turn right onto Dibble Road. The meeting area is just a short way along Dibble Road and is on your right.

Distance: 3-4 miles

Terrain: Relatively flat. Some sandy areas.

Bring: Hat and water

— Rain Cancels –

Second Annual Clear the Cobwebs Hike [HEADS UP]

When: Saturday Jan 1, 2022 at 1.45 pm for a 2.00 pm start

Hike Leader: Jim Pierce; 803-634-0513;

Description: If you celebrated a bit too much on New Year’s Eve and want to clear those cobwebs here is the hike for you. We will take an easy going 2-mile jaunt around Woodside’s Oakman Trail. This would also be a great hike to introduce any kids or grandkids to one of Woodside’s most pleasant walks. Near the end of the hike, we will all stop to toast the New Year. If the Covid-19 situation allows we will provide suitable beverages and some cookies. There is a big picnic table located where we will stop. If you plan to attend cookie donations would be welcome. Dogs on a leach are welcome but you must supply your own doggy snacks! More about this outing later but you might want to put it on your calendar now.

Meeting Place: We will meet in the “parking area” just off the road leading to the Reserve Club golf maintenance shed. This is very close to the junction of West Pleasant Colony, East Pleasant Colony, and Woodside Plantation Drive. Signs point the way. Don’t let any piles of stone or debris discourage you. If you find parking tight, you can also park along the maintenance road. This is the area where our permanent trail head parking and trail kiosk will eventually be located.

Distance: About 2 miles

Terrain: A couple of ups and downs but mainly flat easy walking.

Bring: Water and wear good sneakers or boots. If it rains previous to the hike the trail may have wet sections. Cookies to share would be welcome.

— Rain Cancels –