The WTG began in August 2008 when two residents met with the WPPOA to discuss what could be done to improve and better define several nature trails within Woodside. Subsequent to that meeting we began working with both the WPPOA and the Woodside Development Company to define the existing trails, make significant improvements, and to mark the trails with signs and blazes so that our residents could easily follow the routes. We also developed a brochure and maps describing the trails. These brochures have been replaced by the maps and trail descriptions contained on this site.

The WTG has now evolved into a 75-member loosely organized group who keep in touch by email. We organize work parties to help improve & maintain the trails and also organize occasional hikes on our trails and on other trails in the Aiken vicinity. We maintain or are associated with five trails within or just outside the Woodside community. These are Creek Walk, Oakman Trail, Millroad Trail, Hollow Creek Trail and Village Trail. Downloadable descriptions and maps of these trails can be downloaded.  For a basic overview, click here.  For detailed descriptions, visit

If you are interested in joining the WTG please call Jim Pierce at 803-634-0513, leave your email address and you will be added to our email list. Happy trails to you!


Parking for Oakman, Hollow Creek, and Mill Road Trails
All the above trails have now been extended to the new parking area just outside the Reserves Golf Club’s maintenance area near the junction of Woodside Plantation Drive and West Pleasant Colony. Road signs to trail head parking are installed at the corner of West Pleasant Colony and the maintenance road and further along the maintenance road to indicate the parking area. Please note that this area is also used as a “lay down” area by the Reserve Golf Club and you will often see piles of stones, dirt, and debris in the area. These materials will come and go as they are used or await removal from the area but you should have ample area in which to park. As part of the reconfiguration of these trails “No Parking” signs have been installed on White Dogwood. Please use the new parking area rather than parking along White Dogwood.


The rebuilding of the bridge near the Hollow Creek Trail access point at the end of White Dogwood is now complete and you can once again access the HCT form the parking area near the maintenance area. The Development Company still plans to improve this parking area and to install an information Kiosk nearby.

Woodside Trail Group Hiking Program  2021